Processor                        Intel 80C196KB, 16 bit with code in flash EPROM (OS196).

Power                               220V +-20%, 8VA without load, 48VA maximum.

Environment                    5' to 45'C, (-20' to 65'C storage) R.H. 0% to 95% non-condensing.

Mounting                          Through panel cut-outs 150 x 150mm Slides on side for clamping.

Dimensions                      160 x 160mm, depth 220mm. Mass 3.35kg.

Digital Inputs                   16 Internally supplied 24V 10mA.

Digital Outputs                12 Relay 220VAC fused 5A resistive or 3A Inductive load.

Analogue Inputs             8 x 4-20mA +-0.25%

Analogue Outputs          2 x 0-20ma isolated 30V supply +-0.33% (optional extra)

Weight cell Inputs          4 x 0-20mA 16.5bits (1:100,000) (optional extra)